Buffalo Chapter
American Guild of Organists

Open Positions

Note: Only churches providing F.I.C.A. and Workers' Compensation as well as Unemployment and Disability Insurance are listed, and a written contract will be provided for all positions listed unless otherwise noted.

Please read the "Guidelines for the Work and Compensation of the Church Musician" booklet for more information on the recommendations of the Buffalo Chapter AGO for employers and employees.

To advertise a position with the guild please contact Elaine Gardner at 716-875-5858 or ecgardner@roadrunner.com

New Positions:

Organist: St. David’s Episcopal Church, West Seneca: one Sunday morning service, a few extra services (no choir); church has a 2-man. pipe organ recently refurbished – new console with midi.; no contract or benefits; Salary: pay is per-service following AGO guidelines – according to level of ability [Evaluation = Good] contact the Church office: 674-4670 or st.davids1@verizon.net

Organist-Director: Amherst Presbyterian Church, Williamsville: Beginning January 1, 2017 – one Sunday morning service, four extra services, weekly adult choir rehearsal; approx. 35 yr. old 2 man. Rodgers Scarborough organ; Benefits: 4 weeks paid vacation & 2 Sunday sick days; Salary: $7,324 [Evaluation = Minimum]; contact Judith Bailey at 636-6148/ baj_42@msn.com [Church presently has an interim pastor]

Previously Listed – Still Open:
Organist-Director: Hamburg United Methodist Church, Hamburg:
one Sunday morning service, two extra services; weekly adult, children, and bell choir rehearsals; 1958 two manual Schlicker organ; Benefits: 4 weeks paid vacation; Salary: $12,000 – $14,000 [Evaluation = Good] (NOTE: church is not providing a contract/letter of agreement) Contact Dr. Robert Cook at 982-4536 / rbcook05@hotmail.com

Organist-Director/Organist: Trinity Lutheran Church LCMS, Lockport: two Sunday morning services, 15 extra services, weekly Adult choir and Bell choir rehearsals, seasonal planning meetings; 1999 Tellers Organ (renovated in 2005); 5 weeks paid vacation and mileage paid; Salary $7,620 – 11,420 [Evaluation = Good for Service Playing level] contact Paul-Joseph Struckmann at (716)474-8400 / pjstruckmann@hotmail.com    Click here for the organ specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: For information about Roman Catholic Church positions please call Alan Lukas at 652-6565

IMPORTANT: You are reminded that listing of positions in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by the Buffalo Chapter A.G.O. or any of its committees. Appropriateness of a position must be judged by the applicant him/her self. For help with this, you may wish to contact the Placement Chair for additional information about a position and/or consult with a member who previously held the position. You are also reminded to be very cautious about accepting a position without a written contract.
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