Buffalo Chapter
American Guild of Organists

Open Positions

To advertise a position with the guild please contact Elaine Gardner at 716-875-5858 or ecgardner@roadrunner.com

New Positions:

Organist-Director: Church of the Nativity UCC, Town of Tonawanda: one 10:00 AM traditional Sunday morning service, 6 extra services, plus one or two other services or concerts, occasional substitute on keyboard and direct Praise Team at 9:00 AM service (or arrange for a substitute), annual youth cantata, weekly Adult, Children, and Bell choir rehearsals, arrange for soloists and special music during summer months – Choir recruitment is required for the position; monthly Worship Design Team meeting, periodic Worship Committee meetings, occasional staff meetings, two yearly retreat days, monthly newsletter article on music ministry activities; two manual 1972 9-rank Schlicker organ; 4 weeks paid vacation and 2 sick days, paid continuing education funds and church music organization dues negotiable; Salary: $19,000 – $23,000; contact Margaret Hilligas at 875-3365 / hilligas2024@icloud.com [person hired, in the position, will be responsible to the Church Council]

Organist-Director: Faith United Church of Christ, Boston, NY: one Sunday morning service, 3 extra services; adult choir rehearsal (Sun. AM); 20+ yr, old 2 manual Allen organ; 2 weeks paid vacation and 2 weeks personal time, no other benefits; (church does not have employee guidelines) Salary: $10,000 – $12,000; contact Mary McEwan, Music Committee Chair at home: 592-7674 / cell: 716-609-1824 / mmcewan@roadrunner.com

Organist: St. David's Episcopal Church, West Seneca: organist needed (to start August 6) –– to play one Sunday morning service and a few extra services during the year; No choir; Church has a 2-man. pipe organ that has recently been completely refurbished (mostly the console); No contract or extra benefits. Salary: pay per service plus travel. Contact Lynne at St. David's office (674-4670) or email: stdavidswny@gmail.com

Organist-Director: Hamburg Presbyterian Church, Hamburg:
one Sunday morning service, four extra services; weekly Adult, Childrens’, and Bell choir rehearsals; staff meetings; 12 yr. old Allen organ; 2 weeks paid vacation, no other benefits; Salary: $20,000; contact Gary Lauchert at 983-6132 / 648-5647

Organist-Director: Youngstown Presbyterian Church, Youngstown: two Sunday morning services (one July – August), four or five extra services, one concert per year, weekly staff meeting; weekly Adult, Children, and Bell choir rehearsals; two manual 1956 Tellers organ; 4 weeks paid vacation and continuing education funds; Salary: $18,000 – $22,000; contact Margot Walker, Personnel Committee Chair at mkw4840@gmail.com / 754-4699 or the church office at youngstownpres.org

Previously Listed – Still Open:
Organist-Director/Organist: Trinity Lutheran Church LCMS, Lockport: two Sunday morning services, 15 extra services, weekly Adult choir and Bell choir rehearsals, seasonal planning meetings; 1999 Tellers Organ (renovated in 2005); 5 weeks paid vacation and mileage paid; Salary $7,620 – 11,420 contact Paul-Joseph Struckmann at (716)474-8400 / pjstruckmann@hotmail.com    Click here for the organ specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: For information about Roman Catholic Church positions please call Alan Lukas at 652-6565

IMPORTANT: You are reminded that listing of positions in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by the Buffalo Chapter A.G.O. or any of its committees. Appropriateness of a position must be judged by the applicant him/her self. 
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